Project Goal: Present a positive first impression to visitors arriving through the Tucson International Airport. 

Location:  Upon leaving Tucson International Airport, visitors see the first six medians along South Tucson Boulevard where six local businesses have installed artwork of their selection. Desert Diamond Casino has the first median showcaseing the Tohono O’odham Nation, the first culture in the area.

The Story:  Harvesting saguaro fruit is a practice of subsistence, religion and reaffirmation of the relationship with the environment.  The flower, fruit and open fruit sit atop the saguaro and are harvested with the saguaro pole.  The baskets hold the precious harvest.

Particulars:  Four rebar baskets consiting of (1) 5' diameter basket made with #18 rebar and (3) 4' diameter baskets made with #14 rebar woven with ¼" wire rope in traditional Tohono O’odham designs. Baskets sit on an elevated colored exposed aggregate base.  (3) 7' H x 12" diameter saguaros with 2" x 2" angle iron, schedule 40 steel used for flowers, fruits and open fruits with mosaic glass tiles.  All elements designed to be “Break-away” for driver safety.

Tribal Council at Dedication